I am accepting this place I am in, slowly but surely. It's OK; I find myself saying that a lot lately. Trying to force creative expressions other than writing here isn't happening for me. I mean, I really want to but there is an actual physical reaction I have when attempting to create. It's a … Continue reading Emergence


Slow Motion

I am sitting in my office and looking out the window at a mid-march Sunday that is overcast and bleak. Snow flakes begin to fall but not as they usually do, they seem to be almost a dream that is moving at half pace. I can watch single flakes hover in place, then move up … Continue reading Slow Motion

Imagine a world..

Today, I heard a little piece on NPR about a zero carbon city. You know, all the imagination of a city and eventually a world free of all the demonized power we rely on today to survive. A future that exists currently and primarily in our minds, though we are making some minor strides toward … Continue reading Imagine a world..