Ignorance is No Excuse!

Maybe you think the porn problem and all its negative effects aren't an issue in your church, household, or even your life. Is that why you don't want to read or know more about it? Or could it be a problem that you or someone you know is struggling with but fear keeps it on … Continue reading Ignorance is No Excuse!


Obstacles Hope and our Deliverance

Just thinking on a Sunday night, it's what I do and I would say you probably are too. Maybe your mind is dwelling on the week ahead; work tasks, appointments, home projects, long and short-term planning, family responsibilities, a few deadlines mixed in. Added to that are other pressures; health complications, family conflicts, deadlines you … Continue reading Obstacles Hope and our Deliverance

Moral Failure Isn’t The End

Some would say there are failures in life that disqualifies us from being used by God in certain ways. I simply don't agree with that premise because a God of limitless grace isn't hindered by our mistakes. The breakdown happens when we get involved and decide that there isn't enough grace that we can accept … Continue reading Moral Failure Isn’t The End

Help Me Jesus!

For a couple of days now I have thought about how I try so hard to carry out things on my own, apart from God.  Some of them are huge,  daunting obstacles that hinder forward movement, yet others are little nagging problems that I put up with. I was reading the story of the demoniac in the New Testemant, … Continue reading Help Me Jesus!