God Will Never Abandon You!

Sometimes... (a lot of the time) I feel like an incredible failure. Life is so painful when you have taken so much into your own hands and done so much harm. When decisions we make have capsized our boat what can we do next? I have been in the journey for over a year after … Continue reading God Will Never Abandon You!


Moral Failure Isn’t The End

Some would say there are failures in life that disqualifies us from being used by God in certain ways. I simply don't agree with that premise because a God of limitless grace isn't hindered by our mistakes. The breakdown happens when we get involved and decide that there isn't enough grace that we can accept … Continue reading Moral Failure Isn’t The End

The Grace Lie

People just don't want to hear about the law anymore. It's grace they want to live in, and who can blame them?  A  blanket absolution for any and everything they do from the moment salvation is received,  right up to being called into the arms of Jesus.  "Ahhhhhhhhh, relax, it's OK, that's all covered by the blood … Continue reading The Grace Lie