Am I Entertaining You?

Sometimes I wonder who reads this it another who suffers as I do, or someone who is amused by my writings? I don't know how long I can keep this up? I am exhausted even writing, it drains the life from your bones and muscles. Tomorrow morning I meet with my psychiatrist, Wednesday morning with … Continue reading Am I Entertaining You?


Michael Jackson in the Spotlight Again

Michael Jackson. Legendary Icon of the entertainment industry, beloved the world over, soft-spoken, demanding perfection, success beyond most humans in the history of mankind. He endured difficult times, his childhood, accusations and personal judgements throughout his career. An amazing talent is an understatement, he was the G.O.A.T that was gone all too soon. Now comes … Continue reading Michael Jackson in the Spotlight Again

Hypocritical or Just Plain Confused?

People today are less hypocritical and are more realistically faced with the conundrum of what to do with their lives. I collect old vinyl. I got started just a few months ago and posses about 225 albums of mixed genre. Everything from Glen Campbell to Ozzy Osborn, the Monkees to Led Zeppelin, Sinatra to The … Continue reading Hypocritical or Just Plain Confused?

Tweets, James Gunn and the Power of Popularity

If you haven't read the controversial tweets from James Gunn, take a moment and find them, they are easily available. Once read, maybe you will arrive at the conclusion many have; that they are in poor taste, a mistake, whatever... I have a different point of view here. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, … Continue reading Tweets, James Gunn and the Power of Popularity

Don’t You Forget About Me

We live in a society of tragedies, abuse, wickedness and perversion. This is nothing new though it is undoubtedly more widespread than it once was. Mankind continues a decline into self-serving hedonism which will eventually consume all that is good. Every day there is more news about some segment of people being sexually harassed, tortured, … Continue reading Don’t You Forget About Me

Not Surprising, At All!

Every single day a new allegation of sexual abuse is coming out from all corners of the American landscape. Entertainers, politicians and sports personalities seem to be the most publicized lately, but these are only a small representation of the enormous issue the has been pervasive for decades. Those of us who suffered childhood sexual … Continue reading Not Surprising, At All!