Update #…I don’t Know!

Got my paperwork completed! This evaluation I am going to undergo has all kinds of different information I need to provide. From the basics to a synopsis of what led to where I find myself and release of documentation forms for several different providers so they can gather the stuff needed. Now I just need … Continue reading Update #…I don’t Know!



I saw my psychiatrist today and got one of my scripts added back in for now. They were wanting to wean me off it, but its short half-life caused increased depression. Thats good news. Also on a positive note, the short-term disability provider got me back up to date. They had fallen four weeks behind. … Continue reading Update

A Very Important Thank You

I recently wrote about our dire financial circumstance and impending eviction. It is a scary time. Out of the darkness a couple of you took the next step and contributed to a financial solution for our need.  Are we out of the woods? No, there is a road ahead we must negotiate, but wow! This … Continue reading A Very Important Thank You

Backed into a Corner

This is a followup to the the post called The Financial Side of Mental Illness. Received are the deadlines to start eviction proceedings. This Friday, should we not pay our rent up to date, they will begin. The financial cost of mental illness is staggering, at least it has been for me. This is just the latest … Continue reading Backed into a Corner


Why can I not feel some days? My mind goes fanatically wild, but at other times I am blank. Like today. The overwhelming nature of dealing with life creates a protection mechanism and I go into a silent running mode. Confronted with issues on a continual basis I start to shut down mentally and emotionally. … Continue reading N U M B