Holiday Weekends are Made for…

It depends on the holiday really, but most are created to give pause and reflect on something important. Too often these thoughts never enter our minds as we enjoy an extra day to pursue our own interests. People with a closer connection to this Mondays Memorial Day holiday will be focusing on remembering loved ones … Continue reading Holiday Weekends are Made for…


When Will I Find It?

I've searched high and low, spent decades in looking for "it", still it eludes me like a sad joke. So I lift my head on another day like most of those before it with being able to somehow get out of bed and make even a little something out of this thing called life. Problem … Continue reading When Will I Find It?

Should I or shouldn’t I?

When I write it is problematic for me. It causes people to either freak out or say good job. This is my open journal of life, my thoughts, intentions, my failures and fears. I am going to take a break. When and if I feel it is time to return, I will. If not, good … Continue reading Should I or shouldn’t I?

My Shrinking Life

We are all born into a whole world of possibilities, they lie right there before each of us. I am among the most privileged when it comes to my race and country of origin, and I also possess some amount of gifting and talents which were at one time the fulcrum on which my future … Continue reading My Shrinking Life

Found in the Finding

It is refreshing to live in the light.  Life is invigorating when we aren't clouded over with a bunch of sin and fear is relieved when our closets are clean. Stumbling around in the darkness we are prone to bump into addictions, new and familiar, replete with our wrongful justifications. Now don't stop reading because I used the "A" word. It is … Continue reading Found in the Finding

Prayer and Presence

Prayer is a powerful tool in the arsenal of the Christian. I will not waste my precious few words here disputing that truth, that would be futile. However, I do want to challenge us in our thinking to go beyond the posture of supplication into bold and energetic action. The Holy Spirit is our intercessor with the … Continue reading Prayer and Presence

The G. A. Custer Backstory

It was on the hills of Eastern Montana that the life-defining act of a man would be decided. His exploits during the Civil War had propelled him to prominence and recognition and he had gained a spectacular reputation as a leader. His daring and bravery were well documented. In fact, he achieved what many would call greatness in his time. Then came the … Continue reading The G. A. Custer Backstory

Deal with the Sin, but First Remove the Shame

I had someone ask me how we could drive home the fact that using porn is sinful without shaming the individual. Is there a way, even in the midst of habitual sinful behavior that goes directly against what God commands, in which we can show love, respect, and compassion for the person and remain strong in our stance for righteousness … Continue reading Deal with the Sin, but First Remove the Shame

The Jason Bourne in All of Us

Gotta love a guy who never, never, and I mean never relents in his personal quest.  He is the picture of a machine as he mows through his opponents with a robotic precision. He takes hits that would send us crying home to mama without even a flinch. Nothing will stop him until he gets … Continue reading The Jason Bourne in All of Us