The Beginning of the Journey

I appreciate the encouragement to write.  I keep writing here as I can but to do something more serious, such as a book, isn't possible at this point. I live everyday under enormous weight. Just to stand takes an unbelievable amount of strength. Not bragging or whining, just saying. I still struggle mightily with the … Continue reading The Beginning of the Journey

I Made It

I made it through another day. Well, there is still another hour and fifty-six minutes. How can I sum up this day...hmm, surprising? Uneventful? Blasé? All of those. Probably the most interesting thing was a contact from someone I once knew. In fact the last time I heard from him he said he wanted to … Continue reading I Made It

this is why..

People kill themselves. There is nothing worth living for, more specifically, there isn't enough good to outweigh the incredible pain. I totally get it. The psychiatrist doesn't care, he gives you another med and says see a therapist. The process of even looking for a therapist is daunting and intimidating, and you are in no … Continue reading this is why..