In the Meantime

I am suspended between two entirely different era's of my life and it is an uncomfortable time of waiting. In the interest of transparency I have multiple fronts to deal with as I get from here to there. I have my past which is mired in questioning all things religious. A history of untimely rebellion. … Continue reading In the Meantime


Time to hit the Starting Blocks

I'm tired of languishing in this place of defeat. Bemoaning the mountain of crap that has piled on top of me, it's time to break out and fly!!! It's time to pursue my hearts desire and stop killing the vibe just as it gets started. I've learned a lot and I can put it to … Continue reading Time to hit the Starting Blocks

Is There Something I should Be Doing?

As always, this is my online journal, thoughts I have are processed in real-time between myself and whoever reads these posts. I just got home after dropping off my rent payment, stopping at a second hand store and putting some gas in the truck. As I was driving I went by a few churches and … Continue reading Is There Something I should Be Doing?


Now that I am integrating back into the work world I can feel that I am desiring to guard my seclusion. Work is frenetic and exhausting, people everywhere, demands constantly, and it wears me out. I don't want to socialize, I want to go home and be in my room. I am not thinking about … Continue reading Seclusion

Stand Still

I just want to take a fantastical moment right now. One of those little wishes we all make from time to time. There is nothing to hope that my wish could possibly come true but I will nevertheless make its utterance. I am going to close my eyes and remove everything from my mind. Everything … Continue reading Stand Still

This is Where it all Began

***Let me preface this blog with a warning.*** I am not going to soften the graphic images I relate too you in words. I cannot. If you are struggling with your ability to withstand the descriptions of sexual abuse I caution you to consider what you do next. These are my memories and recollections. They … Continue reading This is Where it all Began

Imagine a world..

Today, I heard a little piece on NPR about a zero carbon city. You know, all the imagination of a city and eventually a world free of all the demonized power we rely on today to survive. A future that exists currently and primarily in our minds, though we are making some minor strides toward … Continue reading Imagine a world..


I have wasted many years; wishing and dreaming, hoping and scheming, but not achieving. Chris Ripley A few weeks ago, Susan shared one of the daily devotions from "My utmost For His Highest" by Oswald Chambers with me. She does that from time to time, especially when it is particularly relevant to us. I wish … Continue reading Wait