Get Out Of The Way!

I have been sporadically filling in at a local church, that is between worship leaders, and this week is the last time I will be doing this.  They hired a person that they decided to move forward with and so my stint there is virtually over. However, a situation presented itself and I am sure it … Continue reading Get Out Of The Way!


Slow Your Roll!

Sorry about the title I used but it got you here didn't it? Taking a little time and reflecting for a few minutes, I'm looking back and down the road ahead.  It's funny how when you do that you can see how God has had you on a journey that is very specific. How all … Continue reading Slow Your Roll!

Grow Up!

My wife said something to me yesterday. "Thank you for growing up, and becoming a man."  ...well, it was something to that effect.  On first glance that might seem like an insult and, in a certain context and depending how it's said, it could be. But this wasn't. It was sincere and appreciative for the steps … Continue reading Grow Up!

Your Performance or Gods Presence?

Ok, so I blew the second ending of the song. I played the wrong chord and it sounded terrible!  Oh, and I started a song or two with my capo in the wrong position; embarrassing! And I forgot the words to that song a few times too, and especially when we did the chorus in Swahili! Does any … Continue reading Your Performance or Gods Presence?

The Spirit of Ron Burgundy Leading Worship…

Much of what happens during a worship service is dependent on what occurs before. I can't get that out of my spirit. I know that I have already focused on some heart issues as I started this blog, but I am going to stay there a bit longer.  As those who get up in front of … Continue reading The Spirit of Ron Burgundy Leading Worship…

Is Your Heart In Tune?

We all make sure our instruments are perfectly tuned before we play. We warm up our voices before we sing, and practice all the time, but there is no part of our praise and worship before Him that takes a more primary role than the purpose and motives of our hearts. You may have expended … Continue reading Is Your Heart In Tune?