Hell Yes I am Angry

Beneath the arguments for the reality of my mental illness, behind the cloak that protects my abuser, away from the religious environments that denied me justice, exists a toxic anger simmering constantly. I am angry.  I ....am ..... angry. I fight a battle every day. I fight ignorance, apathy, acceptance, judgement, hate, condemnation, fear, blame, … Continue reading Hell Yes I am Angry


Why I Left The Church

People love posting little cutsie stories on why people leave the church. Oh they're lazy or got out of the habit, were offended blah, blah, blah. I guess this is supposed to play on people and guilt them into returning, Isn't that just like the church. For once the church needs to accept their responsibility … Continue reading Why I Left The Church

Hypocritical or Just Plain Confused?

People today are less hypocritical and are more realistically faced with the conundrum of what to do with their lives. I collect old vinyl. I got started just a few months ago and posses about 225 albums of mixed genre. Everything from Glen Campbell to Ozzy Osborn, the Monkees to Led Zeppelin, Sinatra to The … Continue reading Hypocritical or Just Plain Confused?