My Journal from April 4

I have always been good at bringing myself down. But this current episode has a different texture. It's as if the collective hatred of others is gradually crushing me. The air is thin and the dark looming. What else could it be? I deserve it. Death, suffocation 'til expired. Why can't I gather the nerve … Continue reading My Journal from April 4

Therapy Today

So today I continue my quest for mental health with another therapy session. Today we are going to do something I have never done before, EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Yeah, a lot of words there! I really don't know what to expect fully yet though I got a brief overview at my … Continue reading Therapy Today

Back to Work

I have been on injury leave from my job since December of 2014. For the mathematically┬áchallenged like me,┬áthat's just about two years.┬áLet me tell you, being outta work that long will drive you crazy; there is the injury itself, the pain, dozens of therapy sessions, two surgeries, confinement...all that stuff. Then there is dealing with … Continue reading Back to Work

What Are You Thinking Right Now?

I have a flood of thoughts and questions that pepper my mind continuously. You and I are probably very similar in that we often put our head on the pillow and our minds decide it is not quite time to actually go to sleep. For me it can be music. I play with a worship … Continue reading What Are You Thinking Right Now?