It’s Gone

There's this attribute of life that I think is pretty important. It's a baseline at which we can fully function and withstand setbacks and disappointments. When we get hit with a bunch of stuff at once we have to be fortified. I call it, "the joy of life." You know what I'm saying? I am … Continue reading It’s Gone


That Nagging feeling

I have been doing some study the last few days about mental health, euthanasia and suicide. I am at a point of relative acceptance that there is an inevitability in me to take one of these roads in the future. I have a sense of futility about life at this point. I am not throwing … Continue reading That Nagging feeling

Staying Open to the Supernatural

When we have been deeply hurt, forgiveness is difficult; when we've held onto it for a lifetime it can seem impossible. A while back I tried to have a more positive voice in my blog. The problem is that what is inside inevitably seeps out, a lot of negativity. At the core of it all I … Continue reading Staying Open to the Supernatural

Massive Personal Barrier Exposed

After an extremely restless night, I was reminded of the scripture which instructs us to buy the truth and sell it not. I got up about 4:30am after repeated attempts to fall asleep and looked up the verses in several translations. As I read the broader context of these few words, I began to understand a little more about humanity and myself. Listen … Continue reading Massive Personal Barrier Exposed

It’s OK to be Speechless, but not Always!

Sometimes I sit down at my computer to write another blog and I cannot summarize what it is I am thinking and put it into words.This morning I am completely overwhelmed with the goodness of God. Although nothing has changed in this lifelong process of becoming who God wants me to be; yep, it is … Continue reading It’s OK to be Speechless, but not Always!