Justice, Judgement, Mercy and Forgiveness

These words have been rattling around in my brain as of late. I am applying them to not only myself but those who have harmed me. I admit there is some question as to whether or not any or all of them are part of my conversation. This may sound confusing, let me attempt to … Continue reading Justice, Judgement, Mercy and Forgiveness


Can you Comprehend an Entire Life?

I have written before about life sentences right here. When you kill you get life, often with no chance of parole. For those who were sexually abused as children, they serve a silent life sentence too. No family speak on the behalf of the victim, there is no publicity, there is no smoking gun. Yet, the … Continue reading Can you Comprehend an Entire Life?

Martin Luther King got this Right!

I am not a student of MLK, and I admit I need to learn more about this great man. There are many things he accomplished and many amazing speeches he made during his time cut short on this Earth. It might have been his forthrightness that hastened his assassination, his fight for justice and equality … Continue reading Martin Luther King got this Right!

Time is Not a Healer

This is an old wives tale, I can assure you. Only those who have suffered immense levels of unforgiving pain can tell you this. Through the maze of memories, nightmares and unknowns some are lucky, but time is more of a curse than a healer. As you live year after year, time only compounds the … Continue reading Time is Not a Healer

Where Is the Justice?

Why do victims of violence have to get over stuff? Why are those who perpetrate violence getting away with it? This is the essence of my post today. Those who've gotten over something wonder why others continue to struggle with it. They can't understand why someone who has been severely traumatized won't let go. Here's … Continue reading Where Is the Justice?

When You Are Crushed

This is my second blog post today. I have done nothing but watch YouTube videos and Netflix. Coming to face how complete the destruction is which I have wrought. There is no strength to pursue, no will to accomplish, no desire to chase, no song to sing, no light to my darkness, no hope to … Continue reading When You Are Crushed

This is Where it all Began

***Let me preface this blog with a warning.*** I am not going to soften the graphic images I relate too you in words. I cannot. If you are struggling with your ability to withstand the descriptions of sexual abuse I caution you to consider what you do next. These are my memories and recollections. They … Continue reading This is Where it all Began

Michael Jackson in the Spotlight Again

Michael Jackson. Legendary Icon of the entertainment industry, beloved the world over, soft-spoken, demanding perfection, success beyond most humans in the history of mankind. He endured difficult times, his childhood, accusations and personal judgements throughout his career. An amazing talent is an understatement, he was the G.O.A.T that was gone all too soon. Now comes … Continue reading Michael Jackson in the Spotlight Again

A Victim, is a Victim, is a Victim

Yesterday, I was challenged to stop remaining a victim in my claims of mental illness and laying part of the blame where it firmly belongs.┬áIf you read posts that I have published you will see my ability to be repentant, display genuine anguish and accept responsibility for my actions over the years. The fact that … Continue reading A Victim, is a Victim, is a Victim