Another Sunday

People all across the country today are gathering in their chosen places of worship to express their beliefs together. Praying, singing, reading and exchanging hugs and handshakes. They feel warm and fuzzy, encouraged, unified, and a part of something larger than themselves. But.... In the middle of all that are people who feel very alone, … Continue reading Another Sunday

Ignorance is No Excuse!

Maybe you think the porn problem and all its negative effects aren't an issue in your church, household, or even your life. Is that why you don't want to read or know more about it? Or could it be a problem that you or someone you know is struggling with but fear keeps it on … Continue reading Ignorance is No Excuse!

The Table is Set…

We gather every Sunday to worship God. Our songs plead for mercy and we agree on our mutual, desperate brokenness. We admit our inability to live in a holy and righteous way without Jesus, and yearn for a closeness and bond with our heavenly Father that is unmatched here on this temporal plane. We use the words of lovers, … Continue reading The Table is Set…

The Church Of Lip Service

***Preface: This post is NOT intended to rail upon the church for the sake of venting blatant negativity. Though some have perceived this to be my purpose, it is more to call us all out to deal with issues in the church that cannot continue to be ignored. You may see your community to be … Continue reading The Church Of Lip Service

Chemistry Vs. Humility

Sports. Yeah, I really like sports.  Football is my number one but I also like baseball, basketball, hockey, and that great debatable so called non-sport of NASCAR.  I don't have the time anymore to rearrange my schedule to accommodate games like I used to so I am not in the loop as much as I once … Continue reading Chemistry Vs. Humility