Course Correction

My last post was a lament. Caught up in a specific situation or two that I allowed myself to be negatively effected by, I was dragged down and I beat myself up. Perspective can be gained in many ways but time helps and those who speak into your life also make a difference. I allowed … Continue reading Course Correction


Seasons Change

I received the letter and avoided the phone call concerning the pathology results from my colonoscopy. My polyps were precancerous, they were caught in time and therefor didn't develop to their full potential. Thats good news; the only downside is my new schedule for testing, it has been moved up to every 3 years. Next … Continue reading Seasons Change

Therapy Today

So today I continue my quest for mental health with another therapy session. Today we are going to do something I have never done before, EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Yeah, a lot of words there! I really don't know what to expect fully yet though I got a brief overview at my … Continue reading Therapy Today

“So-Called” Psychiatric Care

Yesterday morning I had an appointment with my psychiatrist. Well, if you can call disinterested, mocking, dismissive, uncaring, and an excuse filled ten minutes as actual Psychiatric care. My wife came along to interject her observations, she is concerned and wanted to offer her view-point. She got little more than a once of respect and … Continue reading “So-Called” Psychiatric Care

Bipolar Signs…

If this were a criminal investigation, the research would be starting to reveal the truth. As I analyze the data and look at the evidence, a clearer picture is developing. In the daily, grind it out story of a life, are the signs one is expecting to discover. People having a manic episode may: People … Continue reading Bipolar Signs…

Back to Work

I have been on injury leave from my job since December of 2014. For the mathematically┬áchallenged like me,┬áthat's just about two years.┬áLet me tell you, being outta work that long will drive you crazy; there is the injury itself, the pain, dozens of therapy sessions, two surgeries, confinement...all that stuff. Then there is dealing with … Continue reading Back to Work