Rehash or Revive?

I am taking the day off from work and felt the need to write again. It has been many months. I am writing because I couldn't face working in that grocery store today knowing that I destroyed a great opportunity to walk in my calling by letting sin into my heart. I was fulfilling God's … Continue reading Rehash or Revive?


Healthy Changes

It has been another long break from writing, just waiting on a reason to put something out there. It's time. I have worked the last five years for a company that deals with the public. Every day was a new challenge and truly never the same. I was in a management position and had, in … Continue reading Healthy Changes

Time to hit the Starting Blocks

I'm tired of languishing in this place of defeat. Bemoaning the mountain of crap that has piled on top of me, it's time to break out and fly!!! It's time to pursue my hearts desire and stop killing the vibe just as it gets started. I've learned a lot and I can put it to … Continue reading Time to hit the Starting Blocks

The River

Life flows like a river with all the obstacles one would expect to encounter along the way. Rocks, trees and garbage dumped into its fluidity. Sometimes the water flows very slowly and at other times it rampages at a breakneck speed. It can be fraught with danger and also very boring depending on where you … Continue reading The River

Is There Something I should Be Doing?

As always, this is my online journal, thoughts I have are processed in real-time between myself and whoever reads these posts. I just got home after dropping off my rent payment, stopping at a second hand store and putting some gas in the truck. As I was driving I went by a few churches and … Continue reading Is There Something I should Be Doing?

A Meaningful Life

We all deep down want to accomplish something special. At lease that's what I believe. ┬áMy struggle for worth and purpose is all tied up in it. To this point I have sabotaged my meaningful chances and that is a destructive thing, personally. It has eroded my strength and self-confidence. Now, even the job I … Continue reading A Meaningful Life

It Takes as Long as it Takes

We gotta stop putting time limits on life and the places we find ourselves in. Its OK, it really is... Life has no formula for success in spite of numerous books and motivational speakers telling us so. There are no guarantees no matter what anyone says. If they say you do A, B, C and … Continue reading It Takes as Long as it Takes

Choose Wisely, Grasshopper

Getting fat, losing my hearing, and living on the edge of sanity. It's not as dire as all that yet, however it feels like it. Life has been kicking my ass for a few years now, recently cleaning up the floor with me. I'm just a dirty old mop head. A worthless price of crap … Continue reading Choose Wisely, Grasshopper

A Little Something for the Drama Free Crowd

I see all these posts and gifs and quotes about wanting to be drama free. I think we need to agree on a definition of what drama is first. The dictionary says: "an exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events or set of circumstances." Sounds like a normal bit o' life to me. Whats so … Continue reading A Little Something for the Drama Free Crowd