My Journal from April 4

I have always been good at bringing myself down. But this current episode has a different texture. It's as if the collective hatred of others is gradually crushing me. The air is thin and the dark looming. What else could it be? I deserve it. Death, suffocation 'til expired. Why can't I gather the nerve … Continue reading My Journal from April 4


A Moment of Silence

Lets us remember the silent scores of those who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. There are many who have quieted the voices by committing suicide. Some have ended up committed to psychiatric institutions, jails and prisons across our country. Still others have struggled through their lives trying to create some sense of normalcy. Some have … Continue reading A Moment of Silence

The Truth about Childhood Sexual Abuse from the Experts

Information concerning the outcomes and consequences of Childhood Sexual Abuse:   Adults sexually abused as children have poorer mental health than other adults. They are more likely to have a history of eating disorders, depression, substance abuse, and suicide attempts. Sexual abuse is also associated with financial problems in adulthood, and a decreased likelihood to … Continue reading The Truth about Childhood Sexual Abuse from the Experts