Civil Tone Please?

I write a blog and I have to admit it can be pretty negative. I am sixty years old and trying to do things the "nice" way seems to be a futile venture. Admittedly a more sharply worded posture of me against the world might be a losing proposition. No one likes a negative nellie … Continue reading Civil Tone Please?


New Year, New Hope?

This is a tough concept to consider. There have been decades of pain so what makes you/me think this year will be any different? For me, 2019 had me in out-patient hospitalization, many therapy appointments and the introduction of a few medications for good measure. It had a psychiatrist declare me to be OK when … Continue reading New Year, New Hope?

Wrapping Up

Tomorrow will be my 6th day in partial hospitalization, it will also be my last one, for this stint. The structure has helped, hearing the troubles of others has too. Group discussions have created a sense of purpose by opening up to one another. We are helping each other. There is more help among the … Continue reading Wrapping Up

Figured it Out

I was thinking about how music for me has been pushed into the background. It's on the radar but not much. I have people encouraging me to write, play my instruments. Then it hit me... Music, as with anything arts related is about putting yourself out there. It takes some major nerve to create and … Continue reading Figured it Out

Only The Shadow Knows

As my case of Bi-polar Depression slogs on, a new medication is being introduced to my regime. This drug is called Latuda. It is an extremely costly drug at $1396.00 for 30 tablets. Fortunately with insurance I am only paying $40. My psychiatrist really wants to try a drug he believes is better but insurance … Continue reading Only The Shadow Knows

Not Safe

When the wounds are deep, no amount of getting away will fix the pain. This must be understood or triggers will be constantly ignited at every little thing. There is no escaping the injuries which lurk just below the surface. No comment is safe, no sunny day is immune. It is the curse of mental … Continue reading Not Safe

It’s Gone

There's this attribute of life that I think is pretty important. It's a baseline at which we can fully function and withstand setbacks and disappointments. When we get hit with a bunch of stuff at once we have to be fortified. I call it, "the joy of life." You know what I'm saying? I am … Continue reading It’s Gone


UPDATE: I have a little below average hearing for my age and the tinnitus is permanent. I have to get used to it.   Yep, today I see the audiologist, I have been experiencing some tinnitus, that's ringing in the ears. I get a constant static sound and with it a pitched ring. It is … Continue reading What?