The Consistency of Inconsistency

Every day is an adventure. Mental health issues have a wondrous way of keeping you guessing. On the heels of a couple relatively calm days arrive some dips into deeper depression. Last night I had some increasingly racing thoughts that kept my mind spinning deep into the night. My sleep meds didn't want to help … Continue reading The Consistency of Inconsistency


In the Balance

Three days into partial hospitalization and its the weekend, a couple days break then back into the gauntlet. I learned something today,  I knew it all along but it was on full display and revealed before the cold, fluorescent light of a group therapy session. I am a man overcome with shame. A lifetime of … Continue reading In the Balance

The Day That Life Stopped

It was a Sunday just after Easter, when everything came crashing down. You'd think that putting it in the rear view mirror, even years later, one would move on. But some things aren't moveonable-even after the passage of time. So I am stuck in a Groundhog Day type of life. I know many of us feel … Continue reading The Day That Life Stopped

Sometimes I Cry

That feeling when you know you are missing out on some special times. When it is your own fault that you are isolated. That because you have done certain things you are no longer welcome someplace. When you see pictures of somewhere you've been that you had to leave hastily. You miss the people, the beautiful scenery, … Continue reading Sometimes I Cry