I have been off work for the last three weeks, and today is my last bit of freedom before returning. It has been a mental health vacation. No pay, just relief from the stresses of retail life in this Covid-infected year. Today I am taking inventory. How am I doing, really? Have I made progress … Continue reading Today


An Emotional Moment

This morning I had a thought slip into my mind out of the blue when it comes to processing my life. I just want to make sense of what my life was and has become. The emotions quickly came and went but the theme will linger all day if not longer. Why was I abused? … Continue reading An Emotional Moment

In The Moment

It's a challenge dealing with mental illness on every level and at all times. Some days you feel fortunate and then others cursed. Today is a little of both. I had the opportunity to see an old acquaintance from a former employer, it was fun and refreshing, talking shop and catching up. I felt connected … Continue reading In The Moment