A Very Important Thank You

I recently wrote about our dire financial circumstance and impending eviction. It is a scary time. Out of the darkness a couple of you took the next step and contributed to a financial solution for our need. ¬†Are we out of the woods? No, there is a road ahead we must negotiate, but wow! This … Continue reading A Very Important Thank You


The Financial Side of Mental Illness

Where do I begin here? The financial strain is monumental. The cooperation you get from doctors is sporadic. Dealing with short term disability insurers is the worst. The depression you are already under is further intensified by the financial strain. I have to be the push to get anything done, if I don't constantly call … Continue reading The Financial Side of Mental Illness


I am very confused right now. Like anyone, I want my life to matter. I want what I have learned and experienced over the years to make an impact on other people's lives. I struggle with my own meaning in this world because of the rejection of my allegations and the dismissal of so many … Continue reading Confused?