There is a Road that Leads too…

I have been in treatment a few times over the last several months. It's in light of the horrific shootings that have taken place over the past 24 hours that a couple of questions I was asked then, are relevant today. Daily you are asked many questions related to your current frame of mind while … Continue reading There is a Road that Leads too…


Can you Comprehend an Entire Life?

I have written before about life sentences right here. When you kill you get life, often with no chance of parole. For those who were sexually abused as children, they serve a silent life sentence too. No family speak on the behalf of the victim, there is no publicity, there is no smoking gun. Yet, the … Continue reading Can you Comprehend an Entire Life?

David’s Big Mistake…Our Big Mistake too

In the spring of the following year, at the time when wars begin, David sent Joab and the Israeli army to destroy the Ammonites. They began by laying siege to the city of Rabbah. But David stayed in Jerusalem. One night he couldn’t get to sleep and went for a stroll on the roof of the palace. … Continue reading David’s Big Mistake…Our Big Mistake too

In Defense of Personal Beliefs

How incredibly sad and horrific it is for someone to do what Omar Mateen did at the Pulse Nightclub this past week. There is never an excuse to kill, ever. It was wrong. The wounds will not heal for a very long time. The people who escaped and the families of the victims are traumatized deeply. This isn't … Continue reading In Defense of Personal Beliefs

Lives Ripped Away

I am numb, my heart is broken, and I am at a loss to understand. I am sure that with these emotions, I join millions of horrified people across not only America, but the world. Newtown, Ct. is the site of the latest catastrophe to strike children. The most innocent of us, with all the … Continue reading Lives Ripped Away