Our Perilous Lives

It occurs to me today, that each of us are on a most decidedly frantic and rather dangerous dash through time and space. The governance of our lives is held together by the flimsiest of contrivances. Our health, relationships, jobs, even our faith or lack thereof keep this wild cyclone from devouring us. Just barely. … Continue reading Our Perilous Lives


Obstacles Hope and our Deliverance

Just thinking on a Sunday night, it's what I do and I would say you probably are too. Maybe your mind is dwelling on the week ahead; work tasks, appointments, home projects, long and short-term planning, family responsibilities, a few deadlines mixed in. Added to that are other pressures; health complications, family conflicts, deadlines you … Continue reading Obstacles Hope and our Deliverance

Living a Limitless Life

Through my actions I have sabotaged and destroyed many opportunities over the years, and by doing so placed limits on my present and my future...or have I? I won't beat around the bush, the God we serve who calls us his children isn't surprised or defeated by our failures along the way. Thomas Edison, a … Continue reading Living a Limitless Life