I am Sad Today

Feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. Life. The sadness is churning inside me. So many emotions mixed together and swirling around. The smallest responsibility causes me to become panicky. I have been fighting for a year to keep getting paid and I am exhausted by it. Should I be better? Is there any way … Continue reading I am Sad Today



I walked past a picture of my wife and I after we were married, walking back up the aisle. Our faces gleaming in the joy and excitement of our union. Only, when I look at that picture, it more often than not reminds me of all I have done wrong. Taunting me, telling me that I … Continue reading Unexplainable

I Made It

I made it through another day. Well, there is still another hour and fifty-six minutes. How can I sum up this day...hmm, surprising? Uneventful? Blasé? All of those. Probably the most interesting thing was a contact from someone I once knew. In fact the last time I heard from him he said he wanted to … Continue reading I Made It

Soup for Thought

We, as humanity, are good at defining what is right and wrong and then judging based on those opinions. Often the judgement is based in our fear and ignorance. Our knowledge is developed by the thinkers and scholars who, through study and experimentation have come to conclusions that we then apply to our questions. We … Continue reading Soup for Thought

The Jason Bourne in All of Us

Gotta love a guy who never, never, and I mean never relents in his personal quest.  He is the picture of a machine as he mows through his opponents with a robotic precision. He takes hits that would send us crying home to mama without even a flinch. Nothing will stop him until he gets … Continue reading The Jason Bourne in All of Us

Lowered Expectations

I was speaking to someone this morning about the whole "expectations" thing; you know, when you have this idea of the way something will be and the bottom drops out when reality hits? Yeah, I think we have all been there. I was reminded of the old MAD TV parodies of a dating service and … Continue reading Lowered Expectations