The Lost Generation

I'm not sure what the demographics say but I believe that on just about every level of human interaction, it's better to be young than old.┬áThe level of concern for children is off the charts compared to that for older generations. Today we will do anything we can to support and counsel a child that … Continue reading The Lost Generation


The Feel-good Comeback

I have been waiting a long time for something that happened today. In the back of my mind, biding my time for the comeback of someone who fell from grace, so to speak. When it finally came to be, my momentary joy was quickly squashed. Tiger Woods came all the way back and won The … Continue reading The Feel-good Comeback

Time is Not a Healer

This is an old wives tale, I can assure you. Only those who have suffered immense levels of unforgiving pain can tell you this. Through the maze of memories, nightmares and unknowns some are lucky, but time is more of a curse than a healer. As you live year after year, time only compounds the … Continue reading Time is Not a Healer

Where Is the Justice?

Why do victims of violence have to get over stuff? Why are those who perpetrate violence getting away with it? This is the essence of my post today. Those who've gotten over something wonder why others continue to struggle with it. They can't understand why someone who has been severely traumatized won't let go. Here's … Continue reading Where Is the Justice?

Another Sunday

People all across the country today are gathering in their chosen places of worship to express their beliefs together. Praying, singing, reading and exchanging hugs and handshakes. They feel warm and fuzzy, encouraged, unified, and a part of something larger than themselves. But.... In the middle of all that are people who feel very alone, … Continue reading Another Sunday

Frustrated with Professionals and Everyone Else

Why is it that a psychiatrist you meet with for an hour, barely enough time to get the basics, tells you, I don't know if I can convince a short-term disability provider that you should receive continued benefits? Therapists are the same, they are so smart they can't wait to tell you you're OK, we … Continue reading Frustrated with Professionals and Everyone Else

Tomorrow, a New Psychiatrist

I am sitting here tonight reviewing some thoughts before I see my new psychiatrist tomorrow. My therapist asked me to write down everything that I have been experiencing these last four months. It's hard to believe it's been that long and I don't feel I have made much progress, if any. I am certain of … Continue reading Tomorrow, a New Psychiatrist