Back in for Treatment

Tomorrow morning I am heading into the local psychiatric treatment center for an assessment and another round of partial hospitalization therapy. At least I think so, it could end up I am admitted to the 24/7 program. I just can't be in this frame of mind and have it not play out in a possibly … Continue reading Back in for Treatment


Why can I not feel some days? My mind goes fanatically wild, but at other times I am blank. Like today. The overwhelming nature of dealing with life creates a protection mechanism and I go into a silent running mode. Confronted with issues on a continual basis I start to shut down mentally and emotionally. … Continue reading N U M B

My Mental Health Journey

This story begins with a bit of a on-the-job' meltdown in which I was told I was mega-failure, and my resulting exclamation that suicide was my only choice. I've spent six out of the next 8 weeks in partial hospitalization at a psychiatric hospital. Well, in all honesty I have one more day to attend … Continue reading My Mental Health Journey