Not Giving up!

My contribution on behalf of those who either can't or don't want to speak for themselves, or don't desire attention drawn to them can seem futile at times. Expressing my obvious frustration and pointing out what I see as inadequacies and outright failures aren't exactly drawing people into the conversation!   The truth is that it takes decades … Continue reading Not Giving up!


Men-Beware the Fine Print!

I was watching TV the other day and a commercial came on for an automobile company. Here come the glitzy images of fast cars racing around and looking awesome. All of them red and all with every option available; beautiful settings and gorgeous people driving them. Powerful, driving music pumps while you watch and the adrenalin … Continue reading Men-Beware the Fine Print!

Next Level Men’s Groups

Men’s groups in our churches have many functions. We have social activities like golf outings, BBQ’s, and softball leagues; we accomplish much-needed and appreciated work to support the needy through construction projects, skilled trades, and missional activities. These are all important components for not only the men, but the church, the community and the world … Continue reading Next Level Men’s Groups