Summer Fantasy

Things have settled into a steady pace now. My medications seem to be working their magic by keeping me stable and sane. No great expectations but conversely no deep depression. It feels like the best things could possibly be. Maybe its just a beautiful summers day that helps. Maybe it is spending less time thinking … Continue reading Summer Fantasy


Why is it…?

There are moments when life seems easy. Simple pleasures that block the pain and regret. Why can't they be more often and less sporadic. I just had a moment, it was a relief, it honestly felt spectacular. Just as quickly though it faded. Do you feel this way? I cannot believe I am the only … Continue reading Why is it…?

When Will I Find It?

I've searched high and low, spent decades in looking for "it", still it eludes me like a sad joke. So I lift my head on another day like most of those before it with being able to somehow get out of bed and make even a little something out of this thing called life. Problem … Continue reading When Will I Find It?

The Curse of Ever Wandering

The story begins nowhere, travels to nowhere, and ends up nowhere. It's not that life isn't eventful it's just that everything is so useless and bears no repeating. This story begins in a small town of no worthy mention and will end in a non-desript location of no importance. This life, like all life will … Continue reading The Curse of Ever Wandering

Sometimes I Cry

That feeling when you know you are missing out on some special times. When it is your own fault that you are isolated. That because you have done certain things you are no longer welcome someplace. When you see pictures of somewhere you've been that you had to leave hastily. You miss the people, the beautiful scenery, … Continue reading Sometimes I Cry

Pornography and its Devastation-Two Former Porn Star’s share their Stories (video)

I thought these two short video's would provide us a look into a world that we haven't truly acknowledged.  Maybe this enlightenment will be part of the reason we continue to work to eradicate porn from our lives. May the Holy Spirit help us to be strong and overcome in a world that continually attempts to deceive … Continue reading Pornography and its Devastation-Two Former Porn Star’s share their Stories (video)

I am Giving You Fair Warning!

There are some days that I just wonder about the sanity of people living in the public eye and making a stand of any kind. I question the size of my brain as I have tried to move forward with a past littered with me... being human. I am cautioned by some, encouraged by others, … Continue reading I am Giving You Fair Warning!