…a Real Life.

Over the years I have been subjected to some negative feedback for sharing my life, and doing so with an honest and sometimes raw viewpoint. This is my online journal, with nothing to hide and certainly nothing to lose. I don't just rant for the sake of ranting. I don't accuse unless I believe there is … Continue reading …a Real Life.


It’s not really there…is it

The last few weeks have been an increasingly unpredictable flow of a raging river in my head, as I am being swept along by the dizzying current. I have gone from day-to-day in a state of, well a....yeah, its hard to put my finger on. What I can't describe is taking a level up this … Continue reading It’s not really there…is it

My Mental Health Journey

This story begins with a bit of a on-the-job' meltdown in which I was told I was mega-failure, and my resulting exclamation that suicide was my only choice. I've spent six out of the next 8 weeks in partial hospitalization at a psychiatric hospital. Well, in all honesty I have one more day to attend … Continue reading My Mental Health Journey

I Hate This World

Angry, hateful, judgmental, hypocritical , demeaning, spiteful, unforgiving, revengeful, ignorant and so much more. This world has driven us to fight, chose sides, act rudely, selfishly, and see ourselves as more important than anyone else. This world today is growing even more divisive and selective of individuals to hate in its round-robin wheel of madness. … Continue reading I Hate This World