No Such Thing

Happy endings. The crutch of a thousand feel good movies. I really hate them...why? Because for the most part they don't exist.┬áSure there are a few, just enough to keep us wishful, but really, there is very little chance for one. I just watched the old movie The Money Pit, This couple withstands everything from … Continue reading No Such Thing

Secrets and Lies-Protecting the Abuser

I have repeatedly watched the 2015 movie "Spotlight' and read much concerning the epidemic of abusive priests in the Catholic Church. My emotions have run the gamut of anger to tears as I recall my own personal experiences of being sexually abused at the hands of my father, and the enabling of a mother who … Continue reading Secrets and Lies-Protecting the Abuser

This Secret Will Destroy Your Church

Men. We are an enigma of sorts, but then again pretty easy to figure out. We are hunters, conquerors, and protectors; we are strong and carry a lot of responsibility, we are problem solvers, warriors; we are men. There are also many things about us that aren't nearly as impressive, but don't worry I won't … Continue reading This Secret Will Destroy Your Church