I have been off work for the last three weeks, and today is my last bit of freedom before returning. It has been a mental health vacation. No pay, just relief from the stresses of retail life in this Covid-infected year. Today I am taking inventory. How am I doing, really? Have I made progress … Continue reading Today


Self-care Deficiencies

One of the byproducts of childhood sexual abuse is the self-care piece. It's paying attention to and investing in good health and practices. I am legendary for not taking care of myself, whether its minding what I eat and drink to simple health maintenance. Today I am living with a very specific issue and that … Continue reading Self-care Deficiencies

The Beginning of the Journey

I appreciate the encouragement to write.  I keep writing here as I can but to do something more serious, such as a book, isn't possible at this point. I live everyday under enormous weight. Just to stand takes an unbelievable amount of strength. Not bragging or whining, just saying. I still struggle mightily with the … Continue reading The Beginning of the Journey

Self-Care…Just Do It! **UPDATE**

Today/Tomorrow is a most dreaded of self-care days. It was a full seven years ago that I had my first colonoscopy, not a fun experience! First the fast, second the solution. I was presented with a gallon jug replete with an orange flavored granulated substance. Once willed with water it was required that I drink … Continue reading Self-Care…Just Do It! **UPDATE**


UPDATE: I have a little below average hearing for my age and the tinnitus is permanent. I have to get used to it.   Yep, today I see the audiologist, I have been experiencing some tinnitus, that's ringing in the ears. I get a constant static sound and with it a pitched ring. It is … Continue reading What?

Personal Status Report

I write a lot, and I am all over the place emotionally, psychologically, so I thought it appropriate to keep it real for a few words. I feel I am fairly well-balanced today and not in a place to purely wax morbidly. My overall outlook is still in the negative. If it were shown in … Continue reading Personal Status Report