The Entry Points of Temptation

***CAUTION: ADULT CONTENT*** We really have to be on our guard men, our society tells us one thing and then advertises another. Payday candy bar. To my shock and dismay they used the inference and imagery of a "flasher" to advertise their product. They actually show the wrapper being removed and pixellate the area where genitalia … Continue reading The Entry Points of Temptation


Violins, Paintbrushes and Peace

I just watched an amazing YouTube video of a violinist and violist performing a piece by Mozart. They played with grace, ease, and such a sense of joy; it was really fun to watch. It brought out some emotion in me as music often does.   I can find myself in tears when witnessing really exceptional … Continue reading Violins, Paintbrushes and Peace

The Fight Goes On — THE CHRONICLES…

Passing on this email I received with some staggering statistics and hope. Chris SUPPORT THE MISSION OF PURE DESIRE Countless people are bound by the struggle of sexual addiction with no visible way out. God is answering the cry of men and women who have tried unsuccessfully to build a life of sexual purity. He […] … Continue reading The Fight Goes On — THE CHRONICLES…