Tony Robbins, self-help guru, accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women

Tony Robbins, the self-help guru known for helping people conquer fears by walking over hot coals, is under fire himself following multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. A year-long investigation by Buzzfeed News has five women alleging the motivational speaker, 59, of “inappropriate sexual advances.” The outlet also claims Robbins has “berated abuse victims and subjected … Continue reading Tony Robbins, self-help guru, accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women


The True Problem

The true problem isn't Donald Trump, it isn't all the perpetrators of sexual misconduct, it's not our overcrowded prisons; it isn't even the issue of obesity in America. No, those aren't the actual problems plaguing our society, it is the ignorant ways in which we deal with them. Lets take each of these briefly, one … Continue reading The True Problem

Roots, Not Just Effects

We are so stupid to think we can sexualize nearly everything and then remain in control of our desires. I wrote this blog a few months ago and while it has some superfluous spiritual content, it is still relevant in light of all the sexual misconduct cases coming into focus. You cannot go online and … Continue reading Roots, Not Just Effects

Stop Politicizing Sexual Abuse

The latest allegation of sexual misconduct came out in the last 24 hours when long-time NBC Today Show host Matt Lauer was fired. A single, apparently credible accusation, and the whispers of previous incidents was enough to bring him down quickly. In light of the domino's that continue to fall and ruin careers and reputations, … Continue reading Stop Politicizing Sexual Abuse