I don't know what has happened but now I am officially sick. Two days post colonoscopy and they've both been difficult. I decided against Seroquel because we were going to go out, but here I am sick anyway. It's meds meant to bring me health that end up being a sort of enemy to my well-being. … Continue reading Sick


“So-Called” Psychiatric Care

Yesterday morning I had an appointment with my psychiatrist. Well, if you can call disinterested, mocking, dismissive, uncaring, and an excuse filled ten minutes as actual Psychiatric care. My wife came along to interject her observations, she is concerned and wanted to offer her view-point. She got little more than a once of respect and … Continue reading “So-Called” Psychiatric Care


I am sick of living. Its all the hiding and subterfuge, the pain and the never quieted lack of peace.  I am sick of the world in which we live that tears you down, judges...and once you are destroyed moves on. I am sick of the church; they who preach justice, restoration and truth and … Continue reading sick