A Game of Cat and Mouse

I know I said this blog was moving toward vlogging and other video content but I am not quite ready to go. So I will write this quickie just to express my frustration. Sleep. We all need it, it's something we really cannot do without, but I am. You see, it is a game in … Continue reading A Game of Cat and Mouse


Losing the Sleep game

I can survive this. I've lost three full nights sleep this week. I know I've written about this twice already but I have a big week upcoming, that is to say a Wednesday colonoscopy. Tuesday fluids and drink the nasty prep beverage then arrive at 11 a.m. for the procedure. I need my rest! Totally … Continue reading Losing the Sleep game

That Didn’t Work So Well

As I said last night, I doubled up on my sleep med so I could just be out of it for a while. It backfired on me. Apparently when you do that it has two real effects... I became incredibly groggy to the point I could literally not even move I had such increased anxiety, … Continue reading That Didn’t Work So Well

Slow Motion

I am sitting in my office and looking out the window at a mid-march Sunday that is overcast and bleak. Snow flakes begin to fall but not as they usually do, they seem to be almost a dream that is moving at half pace. I can watch single flakes hover in place, then move up … Continue reading Slow Motion