A Meaningful Life

We all deep down want to accomplish something special. At lease that's what I believe. ┬áMy struggle for worth and purpose is all tied up in it. To this point I have sabotaged my meaningful chances and that is a destructive thing, personally. It has eroded my strength and self-confidence. Now, even the job I … Continue reading A Meaningful Life


Hope of Life

Therapy always brings something to the surface, whether unexpectedly to not. Some of that today was the concept that the justification for my existence cannot be successfully argued, that's a belief I have. I sit here a beaten and exhausted man. My will has been crushed by defeat after defeat, I no longer have the … Continue reading Hope of Life

Slow Motion

I am sitting in my office and looking out the window at a mid-march Sunday that is overcast and bleak. Snow flakes begin to fall but not as they usually do, they seem to be almost a dream that is moving at half pace. I can watch single flakes hover in place, then move up … Continue reading Slow Motion