News Flash!

I face a major Dilemma, what to do next. Having spent the last 10 months in and out of treatment, struggling with suicidal ideation, depression, bipolar disorder, ptsd and anxiety, where do I go from here? One thing I know is that I am my best advocate. Not my psychiatrist, not my therapist, not even … Continue reading News Flash!



Why can I not feel some days? My mind goes fanatically wild, but at other times I am blank. Like today. The overwhelming nature of dealing with life creates a protection mechanism and I go into a silent running mode. Confronted with issues on a continual basis I start to shut down mentally and emotionally. … Continue reading N U M B

this is why..

People kill themselves. There is nothing worth living for, more specifically, there isn't enough good to outweigh the incredible pain. I totally get it. The psychiatrist doesn't care, he gives you another med and says see a therapist. The process of even looking for a therapist is daunting and intimidating, and you are in no … Continue reading this is why..