Returning to a Civilized Existence

In just a couple days I will mark the one year anniversary of going into treatment for depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. At that time I had lost all hope, I had given up, my life had caught up with me and this time I listened. I was suicidal, desperate and at the lowest point … Continue reading Returning to a Civilized Existence


Wrapping Up

Tomorrow will be my 6th day in partial hospitalization, it will also be my last one, for this stint. The structure has helped, hearing the troubles of others has too. Group discussions have created a sense of purpose by opening up to one another. We are helping each other. There is more help among the … Continue reading Wrapping Up


The mental health battle is marching on and I find myself conflicted emotionally. My thoughts are all over the board as I consider what is happening at this stage of life. I am slipping again as I plod through each day and the challenges they present. I am constantly having to fight for benefits while … Continue reading Conflicted

A Little on the Manic Side

I am definitely bordering on the high end of things lately. Latuda was introduced to my regime to address the Bi-Polar depression symptoms I was having, now I am a little manic. In a world with a choice between the low and highs, heck, I'll take the highs. Still, it will need to be adjusted … Continue reading A Little on the Manic Side


Have you ever felt completely hollow, like there is no one inside your body? It's as if you had vacated it. I have been forced out entirely but for the instinctive motor actions that keep this shell alive. Sleeping, eating, breathing all continue, but nothing else. This form is recognizable by others but I scarcely … Continue reading Empty

Thrifting Therapy

Well, oh well. I have a physical scheduled for this morning. I am years overdue for it, so I guess that's a degree of self-care. They'll get some of my blood, check my levels since a few are askew due to dietary choices and heredity, Then they will probably tell me I need to make some … Continue reading Thrifting Therapy

Therapy Today

So today I continue my quest for mental health with another therapy session. Today we are going to do something I have never done before, EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Yeah, a lot of words there! I really don't know what to expect fully yet though I got a brief overview at my … Continue reading Therapy Today

…a Real Life.

Over the years I have been subjected to some negative feedback for sharing my life, and doing so with an honest and sometimes raw viewpoint. This is my online journal, with nothing to hide and certainly nothing to lose. I don't just rant for the sake of ranting. I don't accuse unless I believe there is … Continue reading …a Real Life.

The True Problem

The true problem isn't Donald Trump, it isn't all the perpetrators of sexual misconduct, it's not our overcrowded prisons; it isn't even the issue of obesity in America. No, those aren't the actual problems plaguing our society, it is the ignorant ways in which we deal with them. Lets take each of these briefly, one … Continue reading The True Problem