Bipolar Signs…

If this were a criminal investigation, the research would be starting to reveal the truth. As I analyze the data and look at the evidence, a clearer picture is developing. In the daily, grind it out story of a life, are the signs one is expecting to discover. People having a manic episode may: People … Continue reading Bipolar Signs…


Together We Heal

I see books that espouse it and hear people say it, I have worked to re-frame my childhood to make sexual abuse seem less heinous, thereby removing the word and its connotation. I have even tried to ingest the old saying, "no matter how bad you have it, someone has it worse." Among those that share the same experience … Continue reading Together We Heal

The Invisible Wounds We Share

When I was a child, I was in the vicinity of someone who was burning out a wasp's nest in the ground. Thats how we did it back then, pour gasoline in there and light a match. Unfortunately, I was a little to close and several of the angry insects chased me down. To this day I … Continue reading The Invisible Wounds We Share

What Are You Thinking Right Now?

I have a flood of thoughts and questions that pepper my mind continuously. You and I are probably very similar in that we often put our head on the pillow and our minds decide it is not quite time to actually go to sleep. For me it can be music. I play with a worship … Continue reading What Are You Thinking Right Now?