In the Meantime

I am suspended between two entirely different era's of my life and it is an uncomfortable time of waiting. In the interest of transparency I have multiple fronts to deal with as I get from here to there. I have my past which is mired in questioning all things religious. A history of untimely rebellion. … Continue reading In the Meantime



I am accepting this place I am in, slowly but surely. It's OK; I find myself saying that a lot lately. Trying to force creative expressions other than writing here isn't happening for me. I mean, I really want to but there is an actual physical reaction I have when attempting to create. It's a … Continue reading Emergence

In The Moment

It's a challenge dealing with mental illness on every level and at all times. Some days you feel fortunate and then others cursed. Today is a little of both. I had the opportunity to see an old acquaintance from a former employer, it was fun and refreshing, talking shop and catching up. I felt connected … Continue reading In The Moment


Have you ever felt completely hollow, like there is no one inside your body? It's as if you had vacated it. I have been forced out entirely but for the instinctive motor actions that keep this shell alive. Sleeping, eating, breathing all continue, but nothing else. This form is recognizable by others but I scarcely … Continue reading Empty

The Day That Life Stopped

It was a Sunday just after Easter, when everything came crashing down. You'd think that putting it in the rear view mirror, even years later, one would move on. But some things aren't moveonable-even after the passage of time. So I am stuck in a Groundhog Day type of life. I know many of us feel … Continue reading The Day That Life Stopped

I’m Sorry, I Don’t Have Time

Years ago I attended a small church and had for a long time. I was socially challenged, a loner with aspirations in a congregation of 70 people, four of which were my family. I desired to develop a relationship with the worship leader after having been a part of the team for several years. I put … Continue reading I’m Sorry, I Don’t Have Time