When You’re Tired of Running

I am tired. I have grown weary of the daily grind. I don't mean the work-a-day world, no, the effort of living itself. What it takes to move, to squelch the voices of negativity. To justify a continuance of life. The reminders of misdeeds and missteps, the inability to emerge from the thick smoke of … Continue reading When You’re Tired of Running


I walked past a picture of my wife and I after we were married, walking back up the aisle. Our faces gleaming in the joy and excitement of our union. Only, when I look at that picture, it more often than not reminds me of all I have done wrong. Taunting me, telling me that I … Continue reading Unexplainable

I Have A Name For This Life

I was thinking today what I would call this journey I am on. Some days are actually OK, while many are depressing beyond belief.  I'd rather not get out of beda lot of the time and I wouldn't turn down a get-out-of-life-free card either. The pendulum, though somewhat controlled by medications, still swings wide each … Continue reading I Have A Name For This Life

The Day That Life Stopped

It was a Sunday just after Easter, when everything came crashing down. You'd think that putting it in the rear view mirror, even years later, one would move on. But some things aren't moveonable-even after the passage of time. So I am stuck in a Groundhog Day type of life. I know many of us feel … Continue reading The Day That Life Stopped