I have been off work for the last three weeks, and today is my last bit of freedom before returning. It has been a mental health vacation. No pay, just relief from the stresses of retail life in this Covid-infected year. Today I am taking inventory. How am I doing, really? Have I made progress … Continue reading Today


Ignorance is No Excuse!

Maybe you think the porn problem and all its negative effects aren't an issue in your church, household, or even your life. Is that why you don't want to read or know more about it? Or could it be a problem that you or someone you know is struggling with but fear keeps it on … Continue reading Ignorance is No Excuse!


I have wasted many years; wishing and dreaming, hoping and scheming, but not achieving. Chris Ripley A few weeks ago, Susan shared one of the daily devotions from "My utmost For His Highest" by Oswald Chambers with me. She does that from time to time, especially when it is particularly relevant to us. I wish … Continue reading Wait