Is Transparency a Weakness?

After having written what I just have, a nagging question eats at me. Should I remain transparent when so often people will and can use it against you? In my opinion far too many people are way to opaque and totally unknown, unreadable and covert. You never know where they stand personally and I think … Continue reading Is Transparency a Weakness?


Directional Recalibration

Changing direction isn't as easy as it might seem. It means there must be change at the core of who I am. It is that deep and complete, it is returning to a way of life that I existed in for many years. Its refuting statements that kept me at arms length from religious beliefs … Continue reading Directional Recalibration

Troubled yet not distressed; Perplexed, but not in Despair

I am troubled this morning. There are a couple things contributing to my restless night of sleep. One, I am in recovery from shoulder surgery, and after 3 weeks I am indeed more flexible but still in a lot of pain. Secondly, I am trying to breakthrough an obstacle and find a way to deal … Continue reading Troubled yet not distressed; Perplexed, but not in Despair