The G. A. Custer Backstory

It was on the hills of Eastern Montana that the life-defining act of a man would be decided. His exploits during the Civil War had propelled him to prominence and recognition and he had gained a spectacular reputation as a leader. His daring and bravery were well documented. In fact, he achieved what many would call greatness in his time. Then came the … Continue reading The G. A. Custer Backstory


NOW is the Time!

I read a blog today on a site which will remain nameless, with a title that will remain nameless, about a subject that will not remain nameless. Someone wrote about several things a pastor could do to avoid sexual temptation. They were listed and expanded on; then I took a moment to read the comments of people … Continue reading NOW is the Time!

Deal with the Sin, but First Remove the Shame

I had someone ask me how we could drive home the fact that using porn is sinful without shaming the individual. Is there a way, even in the midst of habitual sinful behavior that goes directly against what God commands, in which we can show love, respect, and compassion for the person and remain strong in our stance for righteousness … Continue reading Deal with the Sin, but First Remove the Shame

I am One of Three

I was asked recently why I don't "move on,  you keep writing about the same things over and over, people are tired of it." Well, I will move on when its time, and I will know when that is. In the last two years I have faced what this life has become and until I can process … Continue reading I am One of Three

Not Giving up!

My contribution on behalf of those who either can't or don't want to speak for themselves, or don't desire attention drawn to them can seem futile at times. Expressing my obvious frustration and pointing out what I see as inadequacies and outright failures aren't exactly drawing people into the conversation!   The truth is that it takes decades … Continue reading Not Giving up!

Fred Hammond & RFC – Please Don’t Pass Me By   Please Don't Pass Me By [Verse 1] There was a blind man on the road side, and he heard a commotion yeah It was Jesus passing by with a crowd and it stirred his emotions He'd been displaced his whole life, should he even try Ohhhhh Don't bother Jesus (they say you have … Continue reading Fred Hammond & RFC – Please Don’t Pass Me By

Man Vs ?

In an effort to describe why I write my blog and stick to a singular topic stubbornly, I will use the Travel Channels show, Man v. Food as an analogy, no really! I enjoy watching Adam Richman attempt to consume mass quantities of food, and the entertaining way the show is presented. Each episode features local restaurants … Continue reading Man Vs ?

City of Hope (Official Lyric Video) // Brave New World // Amanda Cook Bethel Music   I am trying to get there, I feel this song should move me and give some hope. Maybe it is yet to come... CITY OF HOPE Once we were a barren land Dry from disappointment But Heaven, like a heavy rain Revealed Your heart for us Now we're dusting off our instruments In … Continue reading City of Hope (Official Lyric Video) // Brave New World // Amanda Cook Bethel Music