Massive Personal Barrier Exposed

After an extremely restless night, I was reminded of the scripture which instructs us to buy the truth and sell it not. I got up about 4:30am after repeated attempts to fall asleep and looked up the verses in several translations. As I read the broader context of these few words, I began to understand a little more about humanity and myself. Listen … Continue reading Massive Personal Barrier Exposed


Moving, just moving…

There is a place for anger, to question establishment and to be vocal and want answers. However, there is a need and desire deep in my soul for more than that alone. I want to find peace in my storm, grace for others, empathy for the less fortunate, and discover joy that has eluded me. Can I … Continue reading Moving, just moving…

Rooting Out The Hypocrite in All of Us

It's hard not to be a hypocrite. We want to save the branding iron for those who do things blatantly against professed beliefs, running them through the chute, pressing that hot iron into their flesh and sending them out into the pasture. But every one of us has things in our lives that are hypocritical … Continue reading Rooting Out The Hypocrite in All of Us

Slow Your Roll!

Sorry about the title I used but it got you here didn't it? Taking a little time and reflecting for a few minutes, I'm looking back and down the road ahead.  It's funny how when you do that you can see how God has had you on a journey that is very specific. How all … Continue reading Slow Your Roll!