Where Is the Justice?

Why do victims of violence have to get over stuff? Why are those who perpetrate violence getting away with it? This is the essence of my post today. Those who've gotten over something wonder why others continue to struggle with it. They can't understand why someone who has been severely traumatized won't let go. Here's … Continue reading Where Is the Justice?


Another Sunday

People all across the country today are gathering in their chosen places of worship to express their beliefs together. Praying, singing, reading and exchanging hugs and handshakes. They feel warm and fuzzy, encouraged, unified, and a part of something larger than themselves. But.... In the middle of all that are people who feel very alone, … Continue reading Another Sunday

The Curse of Ever Wandering

The story begins nowhere, travels to nowhere, and ends up nowhere. It's not that life isn't eventful it's just that everything is so useless and bears no repeating. This story begins in a small town of no worthy mention and will end in a non-desript location of no importance. This life, like all life will … Continue reading The Curse of Ever Wandering

The Personal Nuclear Devastation of Sexual Abuse

North Korea has been brandishing its nuclear power and is becoming a growing threat to the world. Our President has been in a war of words with their leadership and it has escalated lately. Careless and rash actions have been mentioned flippantly, that if indeed acted upon would assure the deaths of innumerable innocents. If … Continue reading The Personal Nuclear Devastation of Sexual Abuse

The Invisible Wounds We Share

When I was a child, I was in the vicinity of someone who was burning out a wasp's nest in the ground. Thats how we did it back then, pour gasoline in there and light a match. Unfortunately, I was a little to close and several of the angry insects chased me down. To this day I … Continue reading The Invisible Wounds We Share

Changed From The Inside Out

We may not be able to put our finger on that gnawing, unsettled feeling that haunts us at unexpected times, or understand the anger that suddenly bursts out of us, or the perfectionism we use to precisely control our environment. But the odds are greater than not that a driving force fueled by wounds and … Continue reading Changed From The Inside Out