Turning the Corner

Going from negatively based arguments and pivoting to a more neutral/positive point of view is no easy task. People want to know what changed, what caused the turning to happen.

I don’t have an answer for you because I am not sure myself. Only that I want my influence to be of a positive nature and beating a dead horse with arguments based in “you don’t get it and you never will” aren’t all that helpful.

We all make mistakes and we all justify them to different degrees and I am tired of that game. If I want to get on the ride where I exited I have to change my approach.

It’s time to become legit again. It’s not easy and it’s not a smooth transition but it is necessary.

So religion will be reintroduced to my narrative. Spirituality will be inserted into the conversation once again. It was my life since the age of ten and it will be again. I am re-firing my initiative to move back in the direction of getting on a church staff again to lead worship and be involved in mens ministry.

All this might make your head spin, what do you think I am feeling? Regardless of my efforts to destroy the dream it is poking up through the ashes and beginning to grow once again. So I won’t fight it, I am going with it.

It’s a corner, and I am turning it now.


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