Morning Revelations

I used to write semi-prolifically; I started out very positive and hopeful but you can clearly see the downward arc of my life and the changes are very evident by my perspective. This morning I had a moment of what has lately been very rare.... eye-opening realization. It was this: I will never be satisfied…Read more Morning Revelations


The “Shaming” Phenomenon

Is it solely because I am in my 50's that I am dumbfounded by this epidemic? I grew up in a time in which shaming was often a daily occurrence.  If you weren't mocked for one thing it was another; from your cheap-ass Kmart shoes, to your glasses, your teeth, your weight, your haircut, your physical…Read more The “Shaming” Phenomenon

In Your Mind

Spouting pat sayings are nothing new, whether within the church or without. We all have a few up our sleeve that we pull out at opportune times. They are the quotes we've had bored into our psyches and belief systems that may have a bit of truth, but fall significantly short of their supposed all-inclusive and far-reaching…Read more In Your Mind

Anonymous Blog: Losing My Religion

I found this article interesting, it speaks to much of what I have felt the last couple of years.  It is worth a look and consideration by those who struggle with or defend the faith.   Excerpt: "I grew up surrounded by religion – it’s part of every single childhood memory I have. I remember…Read more Anonymous Blog: Losing My Religion

In the Moment

It has been a difficult transition going back to work and I haven't been writing much lately but just wanted to share a tidbit with you. My job is very physically challenging, the mental aspects of management are also freaking me out a bit. You see they transferred someone out when I came in, they…Read more In the Moment

Wearing Authenticity Proudly

First, confession time: I have found myself lingering at the well of authenticity without moving into the deeper heart change that precedes a holier lifestyle. I question myself first before you today. How am I becoming more like Christ? Am I willing to push through my pain to find my place in the church again? Am I willing to…Read more Wearing Authenticity Proudly

Sometimes I Cry

That feeling when you know you are missing out on some special times. When it is your own fault that you are isolated. That because you have done certain things you are no longer welcome someplace. When you see pictures of somewhere you've been that you had to leave hastily. You miss the people, the beautiful scenery,…Read more Sometimes I Cry