Not Surprising, At All!

Every single day a new allegation of sexual abuse is coming out from all corners of the American landscape. Entertainers, politicians and sports personalities seem to be the most publicized lately, but these are only a small representation of the enormous issue the has been pervasive for decades. Those of us who suffered childhood sexual…Read more Not Surprising, At All!


The Bipolar Question

It has become a topic of conversation in our home, wondering at the fact I might have bipolar disorder.  That would explain a lot about my history and current behaviors. If you've ever looked at the symptoms and knew me, you'd probably agree with that assessment. I have come a long way from attending a…Read more The Bipolar Question

Being Too Nice

My wife commented yesterday that she was happy I got my meds adjusted because there is a palpable difference in my outlook and demeanor. For her sake I am glad. The truth is that this more acceptable exterior belies the continuing raging storm within. I suppose its good to think better about myself, not be…Read more Being Too Nice

No Such Thing

Happy endings. The crutch of a thousand feel good movies. I really hate them...why? Because for the most part they don't exist. Sure there are a few, just enough to keep us wishful, but really, there is very little chance for one. I just watched the old movie The Money Pit, This couple withstands everything from…Read more No Such Thing

Begin and End

Life is a series of beginnings and endings. We will often have no control of the the circumstances of these events, they seem to just happen. We may find ourselves bewildered and confused, hurt and damaged, and with nowhere to turn. We are at the mercy of much which we don't even see coming, some…Read more Begin and End

My Shrinking Life

We are all born into a whole world of possibilities, they lie right there before each of us. I am among the most privileged when it comes to my race and country of origin, and I also possess some amount of gifting and talents which were at one time the fulcrum on which my future…Read more My Shrinking Life