this is why..

People kill themselves. There is nothing worth living for, more specifically, there isn't enough good to outweigh the incredible pain. I totally get it. The psychiatrist doesn't care, he gives you another med and says see a therapist. The process of even looking for a therapist is daunting and intimidating, and you are in no…Read more this is why..



I am sick of living. Its all the hiding and subterfuge, the pain and the never quieted lack of peace.  I am sick of the world in which we live that tears you down, judges...and once you are destroyed moves on. I am sick of the church; they who preach justice, restoration and truth and…Read more sick

What You’ll Never Understand

It's the simple things that freak me out. Stuff that seems everyday, easy-going, fun-those are the things that stress me beyond comprehension. No one seems to understand that. Even my own brother who suffered the same trauma doesn't get it. My wife, to whom I have explained this over and over to is still in the…Read more What You’ll Never Understand

The Rush to Judgment, Judged

Found an article this morning that I have to agree with. It questions the bold stroke of judgement that is taking down so many and putting them all in one category. What do you think? The article can be found below. Sexual harassment is wrong, mob justice Is too.  

The True Problem

The true problem isn't Donald Trump, it isn't all the perpetrators of sexual misconduct, it's not our overcrowded prisons; it isn't even the issue of obesity in America. No, those aren't the actual problems plaguing our society, it is the ignorant ways in which we deal with them. Lets take each of these briefly, one…Read more The True Problem

Lifetime Sentences for the Abused

Remembering the times I was told to get over it, to forgive my offender and to just move on from childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA), along comes this story of one of the olympic gymnasts who were abused by their doctor. I identify with the lifelong curse and will never tire in trying to help you…Read more Lifetime Sentences for the Abused

Bipolar Signs…

If this were a criminal investigation, the research would be starting to reveal the truth. As I analyze the data and look at the evidence, a clearer picture is developing. In the daily, grind it out story of a life, are the signs one is expecting to discover. People having a manic episode may: People…Read more Bipolar Signs…