When You’re Right

There is a thing going on in Russia, no, it is not some highly clandestine thing having to do with politics. It’s called SPb or “stop a douchebag”. Seriously.You can find them on YouTube. They are a band of people who as citizens enforce the driving and parking code in various parts of their country. People that drive on sidewalks, double park blocking traffic etc. Even the police don’t enforce the laws.

They have taken this unpopular stance and deploy in an interesting way. They confront and encourage the person to change their behavior and when they don’t? They apply a huge sticker to their windshield telling everyone what they are doing. If they are rude they get two of them.

I love it and here is why.

  • They are standing up for what’s right, not what’s popular.
  • They endure heckling
  • They block the offender and risk their personal safety
  • They operate in groups

In a small way thats what I feel I am doing. I speak an unpopular theme to the church, in which I am ostracized by many people. I stand up for what’s right on behalf of the abused and those who suffered mental health issues. I am steadfast and unrelenting in spite of those who are offended.

When you’re right, you stand up for it no matter if you are alone or in the minority. Thats why I keep speaking, thats why I alwaysRISE…always!



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