The Financial Side of Mental Illness

Where do I begin here? The financial strain is monumental. The cooperation you get from doctors is sporadic. Dealing with short term disability insurers is the worst. The depression you are already under is further intensified by the financial strain.

I have to be the push to get anything done, if I don’t constantly call and message all parties involved stuff stops getting done. Even with all parts working smoothly it is a hair raising ride to get paid in a timely manner.

Today is Saturday, I am spending the weekend fretting over a lack of activity between the parties. Rent is way overdue, bills aren’t getting paid, the stress level is rising and it may explode. We are on a razors edge. Our credit has taken severe hits in this time as well.

All this because of my mental health. Depression, bipolar depression, ptsd and anxiety are getting triggered and there is nothing I can do but take my meds and hope for the best.

If there is anything that works against my mental health in a tangible way it’s dealing with this stressor. This on top of everything I am already facing makes it almost too much. But the choice isn’t mine so Monday morning I start making more phone calls. We’ll see, stay tuned.


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